The Man Who Sold His Soul

Design by Jebs

The Man Who Sold His Soul by Jebs on Threadless
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Wow .. way better than the last version .. love the door!


nice rework. does it still say soul on it somewhere?


the body consumes the head without any soul!
a soul-less person becomes a hedonist? succombes to the body and is therefore evil?
i don't know, this is sweeet.


Wow that's just...awesome. Way to do something completely original! 5$, for sure.

the czar

Wow! Huge improvement - much crisper! This is now a $5

Jebs profile pic Artist

Thanks everybody! i'm really happy you like this design
stubbythumbs> i prefered to make a version without the soul written, because aesthetically, i thought it didn't work completly ;-) /// nathansu> the tie and suit can be interpreted in the way you want (i have my idea but eheh, that's just mine)

then, i improves a little bit the door, and posted it in my threadless blog

Click Here to see my newest version


Great presentation of a great design


whoa, that's a pretty cool design. I'd never wear it though...still, great job! Yay for dragon-like shadows!!! ;)

herky profile pic Alumni

great colors and illustration.


really nice I'll buy one.. no a thousand!! 5$$

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

And i thought the first iteration of your design was marvy! Way to make a good thing even more super-awesome-tastical, kinda like an octopus that is trained to throw eight ninja stars at one time! If i could vote for this design twice and give it a 10, i would! Great job and this MUST be hear me, stupid eye chart shirt!!!!!

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks folks! it goes straight right to my heart! frickinawesome> ahah, thanks dude, i love your comment, made me laugh too ;-)

Jebs profile pic Artist

frickinawesome> and your avatar of "dragon's lair" just remind me great moments of my childhood, scary and exciting video game (but expensive yoo, i spend a lot of money in it, but never ever finished it, too hard) :-)


I am in love with this shirt. I'm going to buy it as soon as it gets printed.


sooooooo sweet!! $5 i would buy it for sure


€5 here too. Very Film Noir

Jebs profile pic Artist

wow, thanks everybody! :-) dubc>it depends on how you imagine "Hell", here, it's all about Darkness, so, he is really facing hell ;-)

Jebs profile pic Artist

eheheh, perhaps it will be my best voted design at threadless :-)
seagrass> thanks for your patience!
bluetrain> yes i took the choice to put it right there ;-)


Awesome. I'm sure this is a great improvement upon your first submission.


celui là je l'aime tjs autant !

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