The Maltese Falco

Design by MysticSoda

The Maltese Falco by MysticSoda on Threadless
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MysticSoda profile pic Artist

Private Eye Fox Mccloud takes on the case to find out which of Andross's thugs turned his best friend Falco Lombardi into a priceless statuette!


Great work on this design ;)

Ink One

i like the fog! $5

MysticSoda profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments so far :D

Everyone else, if you have not played any Star Fox games, or seen The Maltese Falcon, I suggest you do so immediately! :D


Awesome yahh!


Haha hilarious! Clever mashup of new(ish) and old.

MysticSoda profile pic Artist

Well that will teach me to not put an explanation for the design. I guess it was just a little too obscure, thanks to everyone who voted :D and commented. I appreciate them!

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