The Love That Was Never To Be

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The Love That Was Never To Be by foxhandybread on Threadless
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i don't get it? why is a toaster in love with a iMac?


That's a wacky plug over there.

.onion profile pic Alumni

cute, but i think it should be higher :P

mrs. squid

Hey, that's my computer!


No no no, Mrs. Squid.. that's my computer.



is this a crack on java? i'm confused.

princess sparkle

I can't believe none of you get this! It's soooo good! I love it, and I pity those of you who don't get it ALMOST as much as those of you who admitted to owning iMacs! :)



Maybe the toaster's heartbroken because it's actually a North American model and it can't connect to a UK electrical outlet without some major trauma.

Notice the untoasted state of the bread, after all.

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