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The Lazy Banana!

Design by J-Ray

The Lazy Banana! by J-Ray on Threadless
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Why aren't the tips of the banana black? I think that'd be good.

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

I'll be honest, J. I think you're wasting your time with this sorta stuff when you can produce work like 'Tomato Ray gun' and 'Albania'. I'm sure you have your reasons, but this doesn't do anything for me.

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

Fair enough, the score was unfairly low, but did you not find 'Albania' a more satifying design? It was more visually interesting than a lot of threadless stuff. You continued the cool patterns in 'Tomato Ray-Gun' and people dig that a lot. There's not a great deal of stuff out there like that, but there's 101 people putting faces on fruit. Anyways I'm sure you've got a plan, no dissing, just seems a bit of a step backwards in terms of style and originality.

hagit hash
hagit hash profile pic Alumni

this is really funny!!!


Stupid lazy bananas! I'd like a little more detail on the fruit, but nice design.


The banana's back! SWEET! Lose the "C'mon banana" text, but five and buy!


i get it

Bramish profile pic Alumni

I'm not sure I get the joke here, and to be honest, the execution leaves a lot to be desired. I'm with Tonteau I'm afraid.


This could be interpreted as the banana being a nudist and the
other fruit are disgusted his member is just hanging out there

aled profile pic Alumni

Is this a visual metaphor for the threadless community and that popular rogue Matt 'Bananaphone' Palmer? Am I right? Do I win something? You've had a really good run of subs lately, bud.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

stop churning out bs for deranged morons and actually make something you can be proud of.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This reminds me of Ralph Wiggim yelling "Go Banana!" in the Lord of the Flies Simpsons episode. And a million other fruit with faces subs on this site. I agree with what Tonteau said to you already, no need to repeat it. You've come so far with some amazing concepts and designs that this seems like an unneccasary step backwards for you. O, and you should print up the candy corn shirt on your own like sonmi did, b/c it would sell like gangbusters.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

that was a "oh" not a zero, in case you thought that j-ray. I'd never give anything you made a zero. Unless you made a cut-out heart design.

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