The Last Sloppy Joe

Design by KDLIG

The Last Sloppy Joe by KDLIG on Threadless
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I don't care if I go to hell, I want this shirt! 5$


WOW! 5


I hope Jesus has a sense of humor. (I think He does.) Fresh take; like it lots.


Jesus would buy this shirt too.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

this is so SO so SO so SO so SO SOOOO good! I'd even call it GREAT!


For art I like this, but for man who have a religion I don't think its funny,...the fast supper are funny but not this, maybe if another object(s) in it. You did good,...and funny but please find another object. Peace :)


LOL! 5

KDLIG profile pic Artist

this is not a religious mockery it's more of a painting spoof of Da Vinci, duh! stop putting religion to it, and besides this is not even a copy of the original artwork, and that's no Jesus on the center, that happens to be a bearded factory worker who got the last sloppy joe, don't compare this design to the Pope design you've seen lately, that one is a total insult, I'm catholic, why would I do somehting to crash my religion, duh! again this is just a painting spoof, if you're sick le-moine, pls. see a doctor,LOL! peace out!

KDLIG profile pic Artist

btw table napkins,french fries, and sloppy joes are modern stuff, even the guys are all wearing shirts and not robes, so it's totally not depicting religion, they are just a couple of guys eating fast food stuff and the whole thing is just a painting spoof go see this one and I didn't put any "anti-christ" statement to it duh!

KDLIG profile pic Artist

hehe, thanks for the comments, i'm glad there are a lot of you who understand what I did, thanks =D

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Looks fabbo in orange! I already have the Fast Supper, and this is a completely different take on the last supper and could be most easily fit onto Threadless as well as the previous Threadless take on the famous painting. This is offensive? HOW? It's a goofy take on the painting, and actually I could see religious people who don't just think because someone is using a religious icon or piece for inspiration and changing it somehow wearing the hell out of this. Plus it'll make good bib for my Sloppy Joe eating days!


castle profile pic Alumni

personally, I think the halftones cheapen your drawing a little. It's hard to get past them when they are not integrated into the figures at all (they are rather anomalous in contrast). I much prefer the rendering you've done on the figures and wish there was a different treatment for the background/table front.


Where's the mystery hand with the knife?!?

KDLIG profile pic Artist

more votes plzzzz... Thanks for the comments =D


I think it's funny & well done & not offensive at all :)


I don't see how this is offensive. The 'Jesus Christ was a c**t" one that someone mentioned on the Pope thread was offensive. This is funny and as people have said, it is a comic take on a painting. People should just lighten up, you are allowed to be religious and have a sense of humour.
I don't find it that similar to 'The Fast Supper' either, it has been approached in an entirely different way and, in my opinion, with much more skill and appeal. This is as similar to that one as any two shirts that both have pandas, pirates or pixies on.
A definite 5$.

KDLIG profile pic Artist

thank y'all, I think a lot of people understands what this shirt stands for, hehehe =D

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