The Last Pellet Supper

Design by Ste7en

The Last Pellet Supper by Ste7en on Threadless
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Looks great on red and maroon, everything else...not so much. Kudos for a fantastic idea.


I wish the hippo looked just like
the ones found in the game
"Hungry Hungry Hippo."

d3d profile pic Alumni

it looks enough like it to get the point across plus it has extra character and is nicely drawn. i think this is great.


i loved Hungry Hippos. great idea. I think the marroon or dark blue look best.


I agree with helo. it's an awesome idea, but it would come across better if the hippo were the same as in the game. 4 for now.

Ste7en profile pic Artist

I had to make each character slightly different so that I could sell this without getting sued...but thanks for all the feedback, much appreciated

Ste7en profile pic Artist

the hippo is on his tip-toes sneaking forward, but I like the face off idea


Brilliant!!!! I absolutely love this and would buy it in a second!


Yeah the hippo could be like the green from the actual game and put it on one of those colored shirts that isn't yellow. I love pacman though so if you changed it a bit I would wear it.

Ste7en profile pic Artist

...not to sound defensive, but to be can only use 4 colors...remember? Its more logical to make images using the same colors to allow for greater detail and shading...I wanted to make the hippo green, but it just didnt work artistically...for me that is.


a $5 on the blue!


The colors are fine, but I too would like the hippo to look more like my beloved plastic board game. Maybe even with a black handle coming out of his back. Or just the head with his mouth open, about to lunge for the pellet like pacman seems to be. Right now it looks like pacman is going to win, and I'm rooting for the hippo.


I'll bet you could make it pretty similar without getting sued. They printed the tetris one on a gameboy, and that looked pretty much like the original. And the family portrait one looked pretty much like the original toy (I forget what they're called). And the Darth Vader in the dark side of the garden... you get the idea.




I'd give this a $5 if you gave it a little tweaking, but for now a 4. It would be cool if the hippo looked like the game, like people have already mentioned. Really cool idea.

Ste7en profile pic Artist

well, the design is about to be out of the running, less than a day left...thanks for all the feedback, and the great comments.


I love the concept, and the execution is pretty damn good. But, I don't understand the tip-toeing...



what a clever idea =)

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

I hate it that I barely vote on subs anymore. I sometimes miss great designs such as this. This'll probably be printed, although I do think that the hippo should be purple.


lol, how has this not been printed :/


PLZ Print this shirt is pure genius. It's soo freaking awesome!!!!!

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