The Last Days of America

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The Last Days of America by dodongjohnjohn on Threadless
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dodongjohnjohn profile pic Artist

One time I visited my girlfriends house, I saw the book "The Last Days of America". So I decided to make a shirt out of it in a funny way. Enjoy! Thanks


Great composition. I'm afraid it will be criticized rather harsh... Personally I like it :) 5$

YaaH profile pic Alumni

dodongjohnjohn profile pic Artist

Hope people won't take this seriously. I just based it from the book. It it's any other country, then maybe, that country's map is the one present in the design.=)

Thank You.


take that, Dakotas!

dodongjohnjohn profile pic Artist

Thanks Guyz...

nice comment technojunkie, thank you!


With any design you are making a statement. This could be perceived as a very provocative statement yet you don't seem to have strong feelings about it either way - maybe you don't have the courage of your convictions? I don't know what it is you're trying to say and I don't think you do either, beyond making an arresting image.

dodongjohnjohn profile pic Artist

i know a lot of people will think the way you think Spam, but I didn't intend this to be such a provocative design. I just based the design from a book title, and that's all, If the book title says " Last Days of Africa" or any other country, I should have put their respective map there. If threadless finds this design provocative, they should have declined this in the first place.=)

Thank You All.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Wait, why are bombs from Canada leaving birdshit on the US of A?


Sorry, but as a U.S. resident I find this quite offensive. It might not be meant to be offensive, but when you're wearing it around as a shirt out of context it will be.

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