The King and the Thief

Design by Daniel_Newman

The King and the Thief by Daniel_Newman on Threadless
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Daniel_Newman profile pic Artist

Why is this the lowest scoring. You do realize that if you flip it upside down and mirror it this happens right. I've been studying line work for decades why won't anyone pay me for kicking ass at it. Sorry I won't just copy shit that's been done, but if no one is willing to take risk to explore how all of this is put together the visual arts are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the music industry. You could do all kinds of fun innovative things with a design like this. for example you could print two sides of a zip up hoodie that would look independent of one another when open but complete the illusion when zipped. I just feel like no one really appreciates what an accomplishment this is.

Daniel_Newman profile pic Artist

Maybe tee shirts aren't the right place for something like this. Threadless had enough resources to open a gallery where they could adapt some of the same principals they learned in tee shirt crowd sourced design and distribution to help artist like myself who don't have a lot of options.

eQuivalent profile pic Alumni

cool detail

Bat Girl

love it!


I can only say that it is unfortunate that no one commented. It only shows how much time one does take to look into the design and understand. Brilliant work this is.

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