The Key Part of a Complete Zombie's Breakfast

Design by theurbanraptor

The Key Part of a Complete Zombie's Breakfast by theurbanraptor on Threadless
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Man, i love zombie tees, and i aint no artist but there could be some work done to this...

Maybe make the detail a little sharper, add a little more detail, lines in the face, maybe a little less cartoonish... i dont know but i would love to see this done a little better...


i like the medium center


large center.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Crono, I've never been on that website and never saw that before. I hope people believe me since I take pride in coming up with unique concepts...amazing we both had "brains again?", but what else what a kid say? lol. This idea came from more of a Leave It To Beaver mindset, hence the golly gee "aw mom" and the zombie mother having a 1950's hairdo and apron. I think they are different enough in execution tho even tho the concept is similiar.

awf1011- It's supposed to be cartoony like this. It's not suppposed to be mega-detailed. But thanks for the comment!

OOH_OOH profile pic Alumni

Funny. Love the facial expressions!

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

HA! Love it!

herky profile pic Alumni

Brains, It's What's for Dinner! Great characters and collab.


my son would love this:) he always jokes about wanting brains for dinner...


ya i know i am like pretty positive that it is a coincidence... but frickinawesome left the same exact comment (with the name of artist and design name changed) and all of a sudden it comes off as if i stole an idea from someone else.... yet if he gets caught with the same coicidence he says the same thign everyoen else does...

so he shouldnt just throw out assumptions like that knowing how it feels for it to be thrown at him....

still the idea is ok and i do enjoy the style of design here so i will score accordingly

hopefully you dont get the same react to my comment as i got to his comment


i didnt deface anything... just sent a link to a design that has the same concept as this design....

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

It's ok urban....I'd expect this kind of reaction from someone as childish as brandon.

Plus, Brandon's sub is exactly the same concept of a sub that was on THIS SITE two weeks ago, not some random art site where someone posted a cartoon (NOT a shirt design) of something that only a few people saw months ago. If that wasn't bad enough, Brandon's next sub looks EVEN MORE like the sub i was referencing in his current sub, which adds insult to injury. The two ways the joke is taken of a child zombie forced to eat brains is taken a completely different way by both urbanraptor and the deviantart illustration.

I must say, I AM a bit freaked out that we both wrote "brains again?" lol.


lol so coincidences obviously only happen to you then right frickin???

why would i steal a concept off someone only two weeks after it was up for scoring??? ive been on threadless long enough to know that if anyone had anywhere near the same idea before will post a link showing it...

itd make more sense for someone to stumble across another website elsewhere and steal the idea assuming no one would ever see it. but you dont want to adhere to logic so ill let you go on being a pretentious prick thinking all his ideas are genius (LOL)

renfrue profile pic Alumni

brains, yum!

jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

Funny concept, nice execution guys

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

voters need to start eating more wheaties...jeez!

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