The Isms of Art

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The Isms of Art by midgetbigot on Threadless
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Bramish profile pic Alumni

Nice idea. Not sure about the cubism one, and the realism one looks like it has gradients, but decent nonetheless. 3


I like it but the cubism one is definitely off

staffell profile pic Alumni

should be naturism, not naturalism

midgetbigot profile pic Artist

Sorry about the typo but that is easily corrected. I did struggle with the cube.

Staffell - Very clever making as naturism is nudist. But again, I was going more for the pun of being au natural to show naturalism

thanks everyone


wow this is a great idea. there are a couple of little things, but you can fix them easily. i can definitely see this being printed. $5

midgetbigot profile pic Artist

thanks for the comments. It means a lot to me. With the exception of the cube and spelling error let me know if there is anythign else I can do. Saying "poorly done" really doesn't offer anything I can use. Thanks in advance.


Haha, I like it. Color would help, but it works as it is.


that's very clever!! cool shirt!


I love this shirt. $5

herky profile pic Alumni

funny concept, nice work.


for cubism you could have
Mona raised to the third power
as if she is part of a math equation

Mona cubed !


just put a small " 3 " in the upper
right hand corner next to Mona's image


Great ideas and great fonts matched up
with corresponding "ism."

You're getting plenty of smiles from me on this design.

Mona's heads need a little more space above them so
they won't appear to be bumping the text above.

chisafer profile pic Alumni

and ism is a belief right? just wondering.


midgetbigot profile pic Artist

mmm ism is not a belief like a religion but a theory or system or and the characteristic qualities. But, in the case it was just a handy title. I was going to call it "Art History 101"

And, Hannah - I thikn I've seen one paitning interpreted in the style of different artists but I haven't seen this or else I wouldn't have done it. If you can find it done, I'd love to see it.


This is a fun design. It reminds me of a drawing I did in college called "Art History of the smiley face"


i don't get what you're doing with the Impressionism. unless a zoom would help, Pointilism is questionable. Symbolism should be something subtle that seemingly makes no sense. Cubism should be her facial features scattered. Expressionism should have an extreme facial expression...and Naturalism would just mean that it looked more like the ideal.

Really lazy execution with improper use of terms. 1.

midgetbigot profile pic Artist

Gbread -
Impressionism is a stamp - it actually says "Impress/Stamp" in Italian on it
Pointilism - she's pointing seems rather clear to me
Symbolism - the almost universal smile face is substituted for her famous "mona lisa smile". I don't think anything else would work for me.
cubism with scattered features would be illustrating the style not the title so it would be inconsistent with my other choices.
Expressionism - I chose a verbal expression rather than a facial.
Naturalism - the movement was anti romantic and posed things more realistically but again my idea was not to illustrate the style but the title so I chose to pose her au natural

Please take some time to try and udnerstand a concept before imposing your thoughts upon it. After all, it's an illustrative play on words not a defenitive illustration.



Seeing your updated designs so quickly after
comments are made is a nice treat.

Just a little note about correct spelling : Pointillism
( your updated designs have it misspelled )


tacoism, summerism skateboardism, add those $5!

midgetbigot profile pic Artist

oh thanks helo - I'll fixit this evening
note to self - two 'ls - add to custom dictionary


the louvre gift shop?

midgetbigot profile pic Artist

Again I have seen shirts that show the schools using illustrations of the style. That was not what I wanted to do. I am playibng with the verbage, the titles, not the styles.
I've done a pretty extensive google search and can not find any. If anyone knows where I can see the shirt, I sure would appreciate a link to it :)



i'd so buy it, for the art geek inside

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