The Importance of Shells

Design by theperk

The Importance of Shells by theperk on Threadless
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Wow, really like the drawing


really pretty, but i don't like the background color


so its great, but would like it on black to remind me of snails on asphalt like when i was a kid and used to talk to them and tell them to hurry up or someone would step on them... my dad used to throw them in the street... sigh. but love the deisgn $5


I would like it more if there was one heart and one question mark. Otherwise it's great!

Luke... profile pic Alumni

very nice color combination...and i really like the vagur story can be funny or sad, or romantic...great design


its cute, i like it. but like everyone else has mentioned it would look way better on a black or grey tee.


LOVE the design. HATE white shirts!
$5 anyway!

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