The Hunted

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The Hunted by tRaSH_PaRADiSE on Threadless
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amazing 5$


i'm sort of wondering if you are being completely sarcastic.
i actually liked your design before i read your explanation. From what i've seen the "emos" can actually belong to any or maybe all of the groups you mentioned in your comment. and why do you find it necessary to categorize other people and, as it seems, yourself so strictly? i would be more likely to sympathize if you were complaining about homophobia, religious strife, or racism. but anti-emoism is hardly an issue i feel is worth troubling over.


so sarcasm it is, then? aaaaaaanyways. the art is still pretty good, but i wasn't going to pretend i wasn't peeved. i think your design is stronger when you allow others to interprete it.


It's a really neat drawing, I love the style, but I wouldn't wear an emo on my shirt...


whatever, your design is a blatant ripoff of that video.


Eeeh, not my style, what exaclty were you going for?


I'd love to have a stuffed emo kid on my wall. Great idea!

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