The Honey Thief

Design by jbyron

The Honey Thief by jbyron on Threadless
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I'd like it on my wall, not sure about a shirt though.

jbyron profile pic Artist

Jayvee, should I be trying to say something?
How 'bout "run for yo life! there's a big honkin' bee!"

And Fennecky, feel free to hang the shirt on your wall.


Bees scare me a great deal but I still love the freaky event unfolding on this shirt.
Best on that off white/grey you have the larger design on.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Really neat fuzziness to the bees in the background, and does the job of feeling completely overwhelming. Not something i'd wear, but nice one just the same. something with a different feeling on threadless isn't a bad thing.

The Ending

Great work!! on natural 5$


I love it on natural!

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