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Mona is a cool spin.

Bio-bot 9000
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Why would Mona Lisa appear in toast? has there been a sting of recent Rennaisance paintings making appearances? Did Botocelli's The Birth of Venus appear in a tortilla somewhere? I think it has to be Mary, otherwise the name doesn't make sense. who was Mona, some dairy farmer or something?

John Holland

Mona isn't really described as a holy icon, rendering the title slightly redundant, but it's a great idea. Mona does look better, though. 'Monalade', perhaps? (As in Marmalade?)

emseearr profile pic Artist

This is my second submission, thanks so much to everyone who commented in the critiques and helped me bring this one along!

They didn't post my description with this one, for some reason, so allow me to elaborate. The idea here is that Mary and the Mona Lisa are both icons, one religious, one artistic/cultural. Both are inspirational.

The Virgin Mary comes to those in crisis to offer support and encouragement, reminding them that no matter how hard their life may seem, their faith will help them persevere. Why she chooses toast and tortillas as her medium is beyond me, but that's beside the point.

The Mona Lisa, as well, is an icon of inspiration. Considered by some to be the finest example of portraiture, and one of the most recognizable works of art of any genre. The Mona Lisa comes to those suffering a creative crisis, and reminds them that through their faith and hard work, they can persevere and create something that will last through the ages.

As such, I had a very difficult time deciding which icon I wanted to immortalize in super-glow ink on toast, and the critiques led to some very heated debate, so I thought I'd leave it up to the people to decide. Thanks again, and I hope you find inspiration in it. Divine or otherwise.


Go with Mona, it's more of a surprise!

Nei Nei

The only thing that irritates me about this is it's not toast. It's a slice of bread. Maybe I'm just being nitpicky. :D

emseearr profile pic Artist

Nei Nei, It's very lightly toasted... I did one that was more toasty, but it was competing with the butter too much. :D


Great idea! Mona please.


mona, for sure


Like it but not a fan of glow in the dark only because I never go in the dark really for someone to see it. maybe just printed on would be as funny. maybe trying to do too much.




There's this kitchen product by Fred & Friends that imprints the outline of the Madonna onto your toast -- it's called Holy Toast.

Perhaps Mona with her hands gathered in prayer? I do tend to agree that the visual is understood better if you use Mary, though, since the stories of seeing visions of holy people in ordinary objects are still news.

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I considered Elvis, but I'm just not an Elvisy kind of guy. Thank you very much.


there's nothing holy about mona lisa.

well except the fact that she's....nvrmnd.


im not a religious person but the mary image doesnt really make me think of mary. however the mona one is very much like the real deal. however mona lisa doesnt really seem very "holy" to have you tried using jesus to see what it looks like. or maybe even other higher beings. like buddha or something.


I'm gunna say mona, but you will need a name change, if such a thing is possible. Mary just seems very cliché.


its Holy toast, so shouldn't it be Mary? It would make more sense.


Jesus!!!! Seriously this is hilarious...Theres a lady who saw Mary in a grill cheese sold it then got it tattooed on her


I like the way Mona is drawn better than Mary... but I think Mary is better suited for this idea.

emseearr profile pic Artist

I'm really amazed and appreciative of all the comments and response this one has gotten! It's the last day of voting, and I'm excited to see the final tally.

To those of you who wanted to go with Mary, but didn't like the drawing of Mary, could you tell me what it is about the drawing that put you off?

Thanks to everyone who's voted and commented!!!


Mary. it makes sense.



and mona of course.

emseearr profile pic Artist

yay! 2.27!!! awesome! It looks like Mona won out about 4 to 1! Thanks to everyone you commented in the critiques and voted! I hope this one has a chance! :D

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