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SEVEN-HUNDRED profile pic Artist

A world map/graph/visual representation of hitch-hiking around the world. Not hitch-hiking AROUND the world, but, well, you know what I mean.

What started out as a little graphic/typographic experiment, suddenly became an indepth study into the stats and state of 'thumbing-it" across the globe.

The signs position are in relation to their countries position, but the sizes of the crude sign represents the popularity of hitching. So, the bigger the cardboard sign the more popular and acceptable hitch hiking is, and therefore the greater the level of success. Countries that share borders are shown to overlap.

This was a fun little project, and hopefully will be something a little different in the "Threadless Loves Travel' competition.

Hopefully it may even prove to be a useful aid to a lost and lonely hitch-hiker one day.

The links will be pulling in at a lay-by a comment or two below, waiting to whisk you off to the bigger detailed views and via a colour option. It's probably worth mentioning too that the 'key' element of the design will be placed a lot lower on the shirt than it appears on the design above.

Thanks for your votes and comments


Really cool idea, like the illustration, and the research you've done into it is really clever. Good stuff, hope you get through!

Montro profile pic Alumni

very cool concept!

The Dot

Kool! 5€

But why o why did you leave Denmark out of this!

aled profile pic Alumni

This is a very very cool idea - one of the best for the theme. Great work.

Ivantobealone profile pic Alumni

Awesome, nice and simple or is it?

SEVEN-HUNDRED profile pic Artist

Wicked, thanks guys

Hop on one of the links to see the bigger colour options

BaronVonMonkey profile pic Alumni

Awesome! I'm also excited to read that hitchhiking is still popular in lots of places- I wanna go do some hitchin

jasmintee profile pic Alumni

wow, amazing idea!!! no hitchhiking in China?


yea man, excellent work. the details behind the design make it much cooler

SEVEN-HUNDRED profile pic Artist

Apparently not jasmintee. I was kinda suprised myself at some of the countries where it isn't popular. Japan for example, when i was there i found the people to be mega-polite and helpful, but the chance of gettin a lift is very low.


i didn't see that it was a map and after that it looks like a bunch of cardboard w/ names on them. the work is good, but i had to read the description. regardless, w/o knowing what the heck is going on, it still looks interesting on the kudos.

walmazan profile pic Alumni

great idea!

Mya Jamila

Yes! Pumps Fist
Yay! Thank you!

P.S. Love it. :D


very interesting idea. Luv it! :) 5

ndikol profile pic Alumni

so nice...

anwarrafiee profile pic Alumni



I think it would be cool if some of the larger countries (ie US and Canada) had bigger signs.


WhitneyBeth profile pic Alumni

really nice concept, and it looks great on the shirt. well done!

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