The Greed Birds

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The Greed Birds by jewelwing on Threadless
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I believe that less is more and I think that lately it's become pretty cool to think that way. Watch what you spend, how you impact the planet, be responsible. It wasn't too long ago tho that MORE was what it was all about. Spending more, getting more, looking like you had a lot. Just like these birds, everyone either had it all or wanted desperately to. From what I remember 2006 was maybe the last year for that kind of philosophy. At least that's what I noticed where I live and with my friends.


I could have done without the 'greedy greedy greedy birds' at the bottom but I like everything else about it. Great job, JW!

jewelwing profile pic Artist

Thanks Jaden! Try saying it out loud fast a few times. greedy greedy greedy birds... It gets to be fun. Really.


I think this could have gotten across even better without any text... just move the "want" bird down a titch so the other looks even more opulent. But then, I'm very picky with my words on a shirt.


I like the text, it's such a perfectly goofy premise.


hahahah...i like the humor is this one. i think the 'greedy' text at the bottom is the punch line. the idea won't work well without it.

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