The Golden Heart is Found

Design by Escape Artist

The Golden Heart is Found by Escape Artist on Threadless
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Escape Artist
Escape Artist profile pic Artist

Ladies and Gents,
I cannibalized my last entry into this infinatly Swank design. Unfortunatly I had to squash the pic to get any detail, but when it has room to breath on the shirt it really comes alive. Awesome!
The gold nuggets are sparsely sprinkled up and down the front so it isnt just an isolated design.


the czar

Wow, cool.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

Whoah! this is great. Love the colors! What a great way to have the overused heart in a design! Love it $5


Why make it a literal heart shape? The kids are cartoonish, so I'd make the heart shape cartoonish... right now, it's morbid.


all that digging finally paid off


I like the other sub much better. Why would they search for a golden heart?


Ah, Neil Young, I get it.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

you've got a great style


awesome. i like it a lot.

Escape Artist
Escape Artist profile pic Artist

of course I copied and pasted them...why not? I came up with a design I liked better, and they arent exactly going in a gallery...better than that...a shirt (hopefully)

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Golden ftw!!!!


Oh please. Let him copy and paste. Why redraw something that looks that good? They dont give you a new Hello Kitty every time you see one right. $5, it rocks!

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

great again 5$


Wow, brilliant. So so weird, but amazing. I love everything you have subbed so far.

dacat profile pic Alumni

I actually think this works better as a t-shirt then the other one, so I'm $5'ing it again


..You re-used your old characters? Like, a copy/paste? :-\

Escape Artist
Escape Artist profile pic Artist

Its the second comming of awsome t-shirts


Good luck for the last day!

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