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pickledbib profile pic Artist

I've taken a different angle towards the theme…

The idea is that each shirt purchased would also include a set of threadless markers to create a design, or not (the purchaser's choice). It's a simple concept which gives back to the community so the concept can be fully realized. After all it is a revolution right?… and who wouldn't like to own a set of threadless pens?

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

its not really revolutionary since it has been done. That said it's unlikely anything in this comp won't have been done, this is solid, and threadless don't need your money back as they'll make a bucket load out of whatever wins.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

It's like the shirt version of Beck's Information do-it-yourself- cd cover! Nice idea, and you can even do your math homework in the grids!

tesco profile pic Alumni

good idea, looks good too. give all the money to charity, pretty sure threadless can afford a few made in china pens.

pickledbib profile pic Artist

Thanks yah all for the comments...

This sub is not about the dollar$, it's more about the crazy concept & whether or not t'less or the judges would be brave enough to print it. The basic concept may have been done before but I’ve never seen it on t’less or any rival tee competitor… and I think t’less may make a bucket load for this comp, regardless of what they print, but the underlying theme for this sub is that it gives back to the community in more ways than one.

Plus, I tend to disagree seishunamigo, I believe that everyone has an artistic side to them… and if they believe in themselves can create something of beauty. And if they don’t, they have a graph paper shirt & a set of pens which reminds them of their youth (the purchaser’s choice of course).

Viva!!! It’s a 1 ink sub which uses no specialty ink whatsoever!!!

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

well instead of giving the money back to a company which won't even notice it, give it to a cause you deem worthy ;)

Anyway if you win this comp you deserve the cash.

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Pretty cool idea.


hey, what the hell, i'm clicking $5


i´m on!
yep let´s do this!


it would be amazingly cool
only problem if someone buys hte shirt and messes up they wasted 15 bucks when the could buy a white shirt and start fron there


It's all in the concept. That is the genius. Sometimes it's not all about the art.

pickledbib profile pic Artist

Bride-of-Frankey's right on the money... although... it's not about the money either :-)

classicoke profile pic Alumni

agreed. really cool idea for a competition.

all +4 designers interested would get to do one and the winning design is printed? maybe stupid but it would be fun.

Woss profile pic Alumni

I really like this, and would be happy ruining it with stupid doodles of me.


nice concept!

dacat profile pic Alumni

Nice idea pickledbib, very generous!


Interesting concept. I'm in if it wins. $5.


ive seen this done sooo many times. and i agree with lacytshirt, if u wanna draw on ur shirt get a plain one for $2.


I don't like this. Drawing on a shirt with markers just looks cheap. ):


Subverting a subversive company. Interesting idea. I will give you a 5, just to see what happens.

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

very cool. i like your take on this contest


good concept, but you could have done the exact same thing with a plain white shirt. it wouldn't be worth fifteen dollars.


maybe use a dot grid?

like Behance's dot grid

It would be more subtle but still have it's use.


$5 This is an example of great concept!

pickledbib profile pic Artist

thanks everyone!... was checking in on this through my wife's phone while away on a week's holiday.

very interesting feedback throughout... thanks again for all the comments.


its especially a nice tishirt if u want to give your artsy friend a birthday present or something.

pickledbib profile pic Artist

hahaha Magpie... those are some pretty strong angry pills that you're on.
chill out dude, it's just a tee... and stop dumping your own frustration and anger on someone else's sub, use some of that energy for something good.

yeah it's a grid tee, doh!... but you may be missing the whole point behind the idea. you're entitled to your opinion and you already made your thoughts known earlier on... you don't like it, score it accordingly and move on asswipe... and stop insulting the whole community.

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