The Gentleman\'s Club

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The Gentleman\'s Club by slaterock on Threadless
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looks good - on brown

mezo profile pic Alumni

It's good but my least favorite of what I've seen from you....The details (tiny strokes) get lost in all of those dark, muddy shades.

P.S. Are you trying to kill us with a Comic Sans gun?

slaterock profile pic Artist

To any of the comments having to do with darkness. I think I have some major monitor issues, and I think I was working darker than I thought I was. I made some adjustments, lightened the background. Click the link.

Clickie for lighter bg.

Larlar profile pic Alumni

I loved it when you first blogged about it with a black and white sketch and I still love it now. My only complaint is that it's harder to see on brown because of the minimal contrast between the dark brown background you've chosen and the black (or darker brown) you've used - among other things - for outlining.

slaterock profile pic Artist

thanks Larlar. My server was having some ip issues, but if you check the link in the post right above yours, you will see a version with a lighter bg.


I can't make up my mind about placement or colour...I just like the squid-man!


best animal-head-on-suited-human-body design I've seen. 5$

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

excellent work

Larlar profile pic Alumni

Cool, slater, I must've just missed that post of yours. Much better. :D

thINK profile pic Alumni

Nice illustration

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