The future will not be so tasty

Design by 2085

The future will not be so tasty by 2085 on Threadless
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I love how a bottle of liquid is inside the tablet. 5$


wow i love it! i want it $5

.onion profile pic Alumni

i looks like it might be way too small for anybody to see the details...

on a side note, the meal in that pill is very imbalanced :P the only meat is... a hotdog. nice. plus alcohol, a lollipop, chocolate, and yeah.

neat idea, though!


Why am I eating so many jalapenos? Seriously, I like this design. Let's just hope Willy Wonka beats the drug companies at making the first bite-size full course meal, eh?


kick ass


Great illustration. And thanks for the heads up on the future. It's a sure bet that actuall food will fall out of favor just as books did when movies came along.


it's kind of like the illustration version of damn scientists. great job.



Ha, I had this idea in third grade.

It'd be interesting.


aw this is a cutie.


whoa. that's a lot of food to eat all in one day!
anyway, i like it, but what is that drippy poo-thing behind the bread, under the jalapenos? can i request a special pill that doesn't include drippy poo-things?

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