The Future is Grim

Design by feandora

The Future is Grim by feandora on Threadless
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ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

the barcode on sleeve means a grim future?
i don't get it.


there is already a Edward Munch desing tee. The scremo


the scream idea is everywhere

cartooner profile pic Alumni

my humanities teacher would love this, she is obsessed with munch


really nice design.

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

I thought the Scream was wearing a nacho hat.


I rather like the barcode idea, and I definitely appreciate the sentiment. Maybe rework this with less Munchian background? The Scream theme will still be recognizable from the figure.

There are barcode generators online that will let you encode letters (readable below) that eliminates the not-obvious cryptography. ...remember that almost 50% of the shirt's viewers (in the wild, not necessarily on Threadless) will be of below average intelligence. ;o)


I'm sorry feandora if you took what I said as an attack! Lord....calm down! I was just mentionning that there was already something done inspired by a Munch's painting, so I would be surprised if there were 2 printed...
god, some people just get offended so easily... sorry

Savage Companion

Ok nice idea but the cameras and the planes seem just sort of thrown in there. I really like the barcode on the sleeve. it is unfortunately the strongest aspect of the design.


Geez... calm down, it's a good design.


This is such a great artistic way to express the general feeling of terror and helplessness about all the Orwellian stuff out there today. Love it, and even if it is ubiquitous, The Scream works because it's so well known.


It's clearly missing a sandwich car!

JK, cool design. 4


It looks really clip-arty

I lurv your colors, but like others have said, sadly, it's been done.
I know it's different, but at the same time, it's the same.

The cameras and the planes just stick out too much. They don't really... mesh well.

Barcode is awesome though.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I agree with most of the constro crit already stated above on this one. Although i never tire of a well-done idea incorporating the scream or the che shirt pic. nice idea, but the design could use some work blending the disparate thoughts together.

Alex Tree

I like the Scream use, but agree with HeroStatus about the cameras. I totally get the bar code-- would it clutter the design to put it one the scream figure? Nice touch with the pyramid.

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