The floor is made of lava!

Design by secretly robots

The floor is made of lava! by secretly robots on Threadless
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best game ever!
2nd best was: keep the balloon up.
if the balloon touched the ground it would explode


Hmm... The cat is ginormous. But I like it.

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Hahaha!! Oh, childhood days. I would totally wear this.

marmalade skies

i used to play this except with crocodiles... until the day my brother split his face open on a desk... chairs with wheels are dangerous...

theperk profile pic Alumni

nice work as usual, julian!

secretly robots
secretly robots profile pic Artist

I figured I could either spend my entire life drawing TVs or I could use my talents for a nobler cause so I used the same TV in two different designs. If it makes you feel better, though, I'll turn myself in for copyright infringing myself.

The Ending

Im glad your ok with taking other peoples work. Whatever makes you feel good if you get a good score. Ill make sure and keep a look out for plagiarism in your future designs.


Hoo boy. GET SOME FRESH AIR IS HIS DESIGN, FOLKS!! However I think you should have drawn the TV just so that it would fit better with the rest of the design. It would also be better if the kid (and maybe more than one kid) was stepping from furniture item to furniture item. I like the concept a lot though.


I don't know why, but I like this :)


awesome idea!!


I grew up in a house with red shag carpet so I can relate to this. Great concept that just needs some more thought and attention to details. We would throw couch cushions on the floor as little islands to jump/walk on. Some of the older kids would piggyback a young kid while going from one side to the other. We would throw pillows at each other while trying to get around. Sometimes we would work as a team to see if we could get the cat across with everyone having to be a part of it. ---- This design has only one kid and he's bored. Where's the drama ? The floor is made of lava !


haha... yes... still play this game... only now its when im drunk...



bortwein profile pic Alumni

Too bad you swiped the TV from Get Some Fresh Air. Always spend the extra time to make your own stuff. The main reason the TV sticks out so badly as stolen is that the rest of the illustration has such a different look to it. The volcano, legs and chair also need some work since they feel very flat compared to everything else.

secretly robots
secretly robots profile pic Artist

i thought i said this earlier but the TV is not "STOLEN". as the designer of Get Some Fresh Air, I don't find it unethical to steal from... myself.

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