The Fast Supper

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The Fast Supper


_Wheels03 profile pic Alumni

Amazing! By the way, when's Remember The Last Time We.. gonna get printed? Still waiting on that one.


fantasmic. if this doesn't get printed, i'll cry. obviously 5+$


The characters on the front are stylized enough, but the cow seems way to similar to the original to get past trademarks.


way TOO

...still not awake.


Awsome concept. I'd buy it.


Man, that Burger King ALWAYS freaks me out.


grayehound profile pic Alumni

When you mentioned Fast Supper in a blog, I had an inkling that it would be something like this. My impression then was it'd be a very clever idea, and you did a magnificent job putting it together. My first "I'd buy" in a while, and one I'd love to wear.

High five to you!


i gotta have one, this'll sell faster than they can print them and ship them! damn, wendy looks so hot i think i'd switch!

mezo profile pic Artist

Holy CRAPola.
This is the most well recieved sub I've posted- THANKS!

SEMANTITHEFT- It's a parody. If a gardening Darth can get away with it, so can the cow.

GRAYEHOUND- I appreciate your comment. And am quite flattered. Artist's UNITE.

FALL DOWN GO BOOM- Actually, it's less referencing a religion as it is making fun of DaVinci & fast food. But, who also doesn't like a little blasphemy from time to time?

IWOULDBEJOSH- Yeah. had difficulties with Jarod's hand/sandwich. I wanted it to blend in, like Judas in the original. If this went to print, I'd try to alter it a bit. Thanks.

POMANDER- Hm. It's probably the cup making it feel uncentered. Perhaps a squirting ketchup packet should go on the other side?

Pacifique profile pic Alumni

the colours are a little weak, but other than that, 5 all the way

grayehound profile pic Alumni

No prob, mezo. Always liked your stuff, but I'd be suprised if this doesn't have a great chance at getting printed.

Have you ever noticed the extra hand in Da Vinci's Last Supper? You coulda had that be Hamburglar...

I know way more about fast food than is healthy. Time to watch Supersize Me again.

franx profile pic Alumni

nice one, 5. congratulations, this is getting printed.


Hah!!!!!! Print it so I can buy it!!! 5$

hikay profile pic Alumni

I scored this a 4 at first cuz I wasn't partial to the colors and didn't know if this was something I'd wear. But the more I look at it the more I see the genius of it. Well done. You even put Wendy where John sits in the original painting -- which references the controversy about him actually being Mary Magdelene.

I even think the colors will look a lot cooler on a shirt than they do on screen. I change to a 5 damnit!


i think its crap! sorry about that but i think it offends some poeople!


This is great haha.


it took me a second to realize what the cow said... I like it.


you even have chic-fil-A. genius.

_Wheels03 profile pic Alumni

Congrats on the 3.50! I hope we see this printed very soon.


The back of the shirt is my favorite part! I love it! Good job, Mezo!


One of the few I've actually scored a 5 and the only time i've told the person.

I'm glad someone remembers there was a Burger King. I worked on the tv film 'EarthSea' and the king looked so much like the guy. No one knows what I'm talking about when i mention the Bking

invisibleelement profile pic Alumni

This truly is brilliant! Wonderful illustration as well... I do agree that the color isnt my style, but I still dig it. Wish I saw this when it was in the running. I would have given it a $5


awesome shirt! i want it :)


Geez, that is a great concept!


congrats... im gonna buy soon as i get paid

grayehound profile pic Alumni

actually, because jarod is a real person, not a character, they wouldn't have been protected by a parody law, so it had to be changed. bummer too.


This is a great shirt!!! I would love a reprint!

wallstreet profile pic Alumni

This is so freaking genius!!!! I'd like to buy one!


seen SuperSize me?

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