The Fast and The Furry

Design by Ste7en

The Fast and The Furry by Ste7en on Threadless
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Ste7en profile pic Artist

This is an experimental idea I had. The glow effect is carefully lined up and completely possible. This is also one of those ideas that will probably look much better when printed, than on the screen...Drive Safe!


watch out!!!!
Great job - glow in the dark ftw!!!!


yeah but u cant make the color disappear


yould be able to see the deer in the light, it would just be more prominent at night.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

It would have to be absolutely pitch dark for the regular colours on the design not to be seen, and the deer image to glow. Shame, cool concept, but I'm not sure it works in this case.


that is the lamest glow-in-the-dark surprise yet. sorry, but if you are going to go from a basic image to another basic image, i'm going to continue to be bored and not $5 it. even the stereotypical aliens or monsters would have been more exciting.


The legs on the deer look a bit wonky to me


this gave me a bad flashback of when I HIT A DEER WITH MY CAR.

yeah, thanks for that.

Ste7en profile pic Artist

glow ink has a light almost natural/tan tonal effect when applied to light clothing, but isnt readily visible, especially when overlapping darker or near matching colors. Up close it would be visible, im sure, but at a glance I doubt it would be too obvious in the day

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

great use of glowness $5

Ste7en profile pic Artist

Seriously? Is that how people see this? Have you never had a deer jump out in front of you and NOT HIT IT? Its about being startled by creatures at night, not running them down.


stop crying over hitting deer's!!! it's a t-shirt for god sake!! good design Ste7en $5


stop crying over hitting deers, it's a t-shirt for godsake!!! good design Ste7en $5!!!


It's really awesome! I'll gonna make something like this onde day! Thanks for the inspiration! If you have time, in my new design...

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