The Fashion of Terror

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The Fashion of Terror



I was just on your site yesterday. weird. anyway, hot def. the black (charcol?) one.

Rikki Dont Lose That Number

I like it on a light shirt... gotta be different.
I'm always impressed by things I wouldn't think of :)


the text overall.. almost makes the capital letter E...
as said above... yeah the red color/pink is bothersome...
i'd also somehow get rid of the ampersand.. i think it adds something extra (visually) to the text that disrupts the consistency of the hardlines (minus the Os and the curves on the Rs .. but thats acceptable..) .. it;s just that the "&" brings in the idea of symbols which you may want to exclude to really punch home the point...
also the background design is pretty hard to see...
at a glance its gonna appear to be a white blob... (which is why it works better on black/dark t-shirt.. which provides contrast..)

as for the meaning... i think its something we all (mostly) have or are thinking about... so i can relate to that...
Generally, for me its the notion of how do we reconcile our own existence in a world which seems to be so messed up.. and what are we doing about it to make it better. Specifically in this case we are thinking about fashion and its function/DYSfunction in american/western/ and society at large...
here's a little thing i wrote about fashion..

Fashion, anything worn on the body, the style a person associates themselves with, the aesthetic functions and meanings that are implicit in what is worn, the way clothing is worn, clothes, accessories, digital components, hair cut/style/color, even muscle building, body image, body modification, dreadlocks, scents, perfume, odor, hygiene, piercings, tattoos, implants, cosmetic surgery, self scarification (cutting), pain, BDSM, collars, leather, animal products, veg/veganism, what a person eats & how, bindings, religious clothing, hats, shoes, bags, high fashion, thrift stores

p.s. i like that ghost gang drawing... on ur flickr



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