The Famous F's

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The Famous F's by MonsieurE on Threadless
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I love it. I've always liked the saying, and I LOVE the font, and the spelling of function just does it for me.

AWESOME I'd buy it in 2 seconds


I actually quite like this. I wish it wasn't a K in "function", but other than that it's really nice.



Nice, I agree with it!! The natural is a little plain for me, but whats a boy to do? $5!!

kennybanzai profile pic Alumni

I don't really agree, but nice work anyways.


form follows fun

jzef profile pic Alumni

coooool ! 5$


This design is cool, mostly because it will piss off a lot of older graphic designers who hate the Avant Garde typeface.


I really like the design and typography, apart from it pointing at genatalia(!) Maybe if the line was more to the left or right.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

I like the colours, and how it looks on the shirt, but not what it says.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

i do like the look of it all, but the flourishes don't really communicate what the design is's decoration, and that's very much the opposite of functionalism. as someone pinted out above me, it would work great if it said form follows fun, though.

courtney pie

i def know someone that needs this shirt. $5 just for that.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

This is as good as it gets. Outstanding typography!

chronically bizarre

I don't know why but I actually really like this shirt. I'd like to see it on black or some other darker color, but that's just me. :P


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