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The Evolution of Design

Design by TheGange

The Evolution of Design by TheGange on Threadless
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mj00 profile pic Alumni

I'm a little confused on the last image- did he design a chair? As I progressed through the image, I was expecting to see him actually designing something in the last step.


great but if i have to see another evolution shirt, i'm gonna eat my dog


hehe, i've lived with a few graphic designers. and ooh lordy, did they talk up their work to be much more than it was. hehe... fricken designers ; p
4! great idea

mj00 profile pic Alumni

TPRG, your version sounds like more of a reach than the others. Each other image of the person shows that person actively doing the activity described in the word below. It's a clear flaw that the last image breaks that pattern, unless the intent is to show that design consists of staring off into space and doing nothing.


this is really nice in the blue.

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