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Good concept, much less annoying than I thought it would be. However, it needs some work aesthetically speaking.


I like it a lot.


I don't think this really works on a t-shirt, no matter how well executed it is. It works on a bulletin board in a dorm or something like that.


What if the second half were sarcastic responses? I think that would be a better opposite.


I'd buy it with a little tweaking.


Oh my god. I don't know how I feel about it on a t shirt, but I would absolutely die if someone used one of those nerd lines on me. I will have to think this one over and come back because I'm laughing too hard to consider the aesthetics.


Ha! "Can I test the k of your bedsprings?"

That's just bad. Love it!


maybe instead of a yin-yang use a piece of crumpled paper or something? i don't like the way the phrases are so contained, they need to be spilling out or something like that. Otherwise, it would keep me entertained. maybe just abandon and container altogether and just let the phrases scroll along the shirt, randomly placed.


Ha ha love it! Someone in biology told me the DNA helicase one the other day.


fix up some typographical errors (in the way of typography) and it would be a thousand times better. If you are unable to, it is still awesome! I loves it~ $5


I like this, but I'd like some consistancy in the capitals starting sentences, maybe a capital I instead of an i, and actual italics instead of /this/. Oh yes, and I agree you should use the subjunctive in the derivative one!


i don't think it works well visually as it is, but the concept is funny...i agree that sarcastic responses on the other half would be funny


I love the concept. It's interesting how you use /s to indicate italics. Kind of nerdy, since that's an IRC/MUD thing, but you could probably just use actual italics. :)


resubmit and use your own handwriting to make it :)

i think its a pretty awesome idea :D even if it's not my thing but it's pretty funny XD

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