The End of the Sidewalk?

Design by DontCallMeBlanket

The End of the Sidewalk? by DontCallMeBlanket on Threadless
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i think I would prefer it without the dog, but otherwise 5$

alexmdc profile pic Staff
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yeah a bit too close to the book, but awesome illustration!


Awesome! Nice job!


this style is sooo cool


this is very good, i hope it gets printed.... good luck! $5


a bit too close to be a tribute imo


i like it also, but it is VERY close and also for your design i don't think that the red "edge!" is necessary.

DontCallMeBlanket profile pic Artist
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Thanks ph03n1x (and others who like the design)! I thought the style was different enough in itself, and I changed a number of elements on top of that, that it would easily be interpreted as more of a tribute than a knockoff. Maybe I was wrong? I wanted it to be similar enough that the reference would be noticeable but different enough to stand on it's own.

At any rate I really appreciate the positive feedback, it's sincerely appreciated.

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I really love the design (I gave it a 5). I just know that copyright comes up a lot here, so I was curious to know what other people thought. I agree with Descendras that it would work just as well without the red "edge" and would help separate it from the original more.

I do wonder about the dog's position though. The more I look at him, the more he seems to be defying gravity. Anyway... great job!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

There's a city and there's a moon and it's night, and that's just about the only things different from the original drawing to me. Not enough for a homage, but too little to call it a ripoff. You've got talent, so keep trying.

biotwist profile pic Alumni

the focus is still exactly the same with the positioning of the dog and the two kids. if i made that book cover i would consider this a rip off
the design is sweet tho

empiricist profile pic Alumni

Beautiful illo!


Looks good just lose the "EDGE" sign...


lose the red..
it is good enough to stand on its own!!

TangYauHoong profile pic Alumni

the way you illustrate this is awsome!

CazKing profile pic Alumni

Love it, I dont think it's too close to the book at all! $5


Google "derivative work".


i like the original book a lot better....

DontCallMeBlanket profile pic Artist
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Wow a 3.0... that's something I'm really, really happy with! Thanks to everyone that voted!

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