The Emperor Penguin

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The Emperor Penguin by Jebs on Threadless
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i dont get tired of the star wars references as long as they are done well, like this one! gimme! 5$


I think it'd be funnier with a single evil looking, wrinkle-faced (can penguins be wrinkled?) red saber wielding penguin. Otherwise I'm thinkin Darth penguin...But that's the SW geek in me.


The saber needs to be red. Either that, or use some force lightning.


the penguins, especially their eyes, are ridiculously cute


Ok, I know its always said but love it without the text


Wow, that's the first tee that actually made me LOL. $5


Red lightsaber. No speech bubble. Without the text it's a great time-joke.

Jebs profile pic Artist

Hi everybody, thanks for comments! For the Red Saber i agree, but i must then change the yellow in red (4 colors max), and the penguin won't have the yellow neck anymore ;-) But I'll post a version in the blog without the Text, and with the Red Saber just for you! (i'll do it in the weekend) ;-)

Jebs profile pic Artist

well done! you can see the version with the red saber and without the text on my threadless blog (click on Jebs). Thanks in advance for comments

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

The penguin darth looks covered in oil.

Jebs profile pic Artist

everybody: Thank you for your comments! I really love the Threadless community :)


Jebs - You could do like katolm said and put it on a gray shirt. That way, you could still have a red saber and the yellow neck coloring.

Jebs profile pic Artist

kc> :-D sometimes, my brain freeze like windows microsoft eheh. Of course it is the solution! I'll do it tomorrow (now, in France it's 2 am...and i'm tired ^^) thanks a lot!

Jebs profile pic Artist

so, on the blog, i've just uploaded a version of the Penguin with a grey background, to keep the yellow and red colors...i don't like the result but perhaps you'll do ;-)

filak profile pic Alumni

Amazing $5

Jebs profile pic Artist

penguinologist> with your pseudo name, it couldn't have been otherwise lol :-D ohfool> i agree, i don't like the grey one at all. thanks everybody!

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