the edge of the sea

Design by mshgna

the edge of the sea by mshgna on Threadless
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mshgna profile pic Artist

i love iron and wine... that's about it!

mshgna profile pic Artist

my right or his right ; )

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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I love the placement on this carefree design. But yeah, his right arm looks a bit mis-shaped but it might be just the way he is holding his hand right now.

Joelnz profile pic Alumni

nice approach


blotchy and a bit too cancun gift shop for me.


it would be cool if you took away the mountains and coast so it was just the boy and the ocean and then moved the sun up higher.


I really like the placement, it makes the horzon line look really cool. It took me a second to figure out his right arm though.

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