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I really like this and would wear it.


No, I hear yah. I am a fencer too. No way a trained fencer would just thrust straight into a blade like that.

Every now and then in a match you will see something like this, but one fencer still has the right of way and will get the touch. Reason being, the swords we use in tournament are much lighter and quicker than the real thing. this is especially true in my event, the saber.

Just seems like this design is doomed to fail. No one who is a fencer is really gonna want it, and anyone who is not a fencer is typically not that interested in fencing. I hope I am wrong though, for your sake. It is not technically bad per se. Just maybe not well thought out.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

for fuck sake, it's not a realistic representation of fencing. it's a fucking illustration on a tshirt.

are you guys like this when you go to the cinema?
i'd hate to watch a movie with you.

nice image btw!

thINK profile pic Alumni

Yeah, this is sa-weeet.


And the squirting blood in white, aaah!


malcolm, you said you were an avid fencer and that this mistake would only be made by two amateur fencers. therefore, you consider yourself if not an amateur then a professional. and seventeen year olds get laid.

moving on.. the design is really clean and straightforward, i really enjoy the white splatter. 5


I really love this as a print


good illustration! $4


i don't know how you can pierce straight through someone when they are wearing fencing armor....




clause profile pic Alumni

nice illustration~

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