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sooty profile pic Artist

if computers had taken over the world in the early 90s


It's Neo & Agent Smith, people!

sooty profile pic Artist

oh come on! it's a scene from 'the matrix' ( a film) done in dot matrix graphics like an old game boy. hence - the dot matrix. thank you ivywillow.



DO WANT !!!!

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

That's not like the graphics on the old gameboy. That's just a small image you blew up, I think you're after a pixelated effect but you failed.

I like the concept, though.

sooty profile pic Artist

it's not a small image I blew up it's actual size but with a pixelated effect on it, but I take your point it's not exactly like the dot matrix graphics. I think I need to divide up the dots with a thin line to make it more dotty.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...i see Keanu flipping backwords in slo-mo now! I swore that was an attack dog forever until i kept staring it at! Even tho Matrix jokes are as old as American Idol joke accounts, I actually like what you've done here. Just clean up Neo a bit so he is more recognizable (maybe not in mid-dodge but in a more recognizable position with the black trenchcoat and such) and you've got a fun concept going on here.

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