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HaHa! robot!... hmmm if pacman is turned into a human, i think that it would look cool if the ghosts were humanified too.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

its a great drawing but teh overlapping gets a bit confusing at times, it kind of muddies teh image


it's a terrific parody. $5

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Alumni

GREAT $5 profile pic Artist

You it didnt understand! I didnt transform pacman into a human, I created a character who considers pacman a deity, and he is using the own faith to defeat ghosts.

Sorry for my poor english.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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I thought this was pacman done in Lord of the Rings or Dungeons and Dragons fashion. Or like if Pac-Man had a summoning spell for Final Fantasy. Either way, I think the Pac-Man logo should be in yellow, and thus the only color in the whole image, which would draw your attention there first and then the rest of the image would make perfect sense. Also, this way the white power pellet the man is holding would make more sense. With these changes, this shirt is sysatematically amazing on all fronts. Great concept and extremely clever twist. 5$

more heat than light

This is sooo clever, and I love the overlapping style. I agree with FRICKINAWESOME that the Pac Man logo should be in yellow, mind.

Either way, $5 all the way.


So this guy's a pac-man paladin?

Pretty sweet design.


hmmmm...well its cool but just no.


Beautifully drawn and just the right amount of camp, pop, irony, and style. Oh and I agree about the yellow... :)


so is he turning all of them?

Larlar profile pic Alumni

This is so fucking rad.

dacat profile pic Alumni

Love it, you got skills man! $5


Haha! I love Pacman.

Reminds me of Fable?



nice.. i love it..


You know what FRICKINAWESOME said? That's exactly what I was going to say, before I saw that they'd already said it. ^_^ Make the Pac-Man symbol yellow (thus giving it something to make it stand out and be noticeable, thus REALLY pushing the concept), and this shirt is damn near perfect for my tastes. $5!


I like the layout and it's a really fun shirt, but the colors... not so fun.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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SHAMEFUL. The final score of this piece of awesomeness is just friggin' pitiful.

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