The Devil Enjoys Caipirinha

Design by Gringz

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Robsoul profile pic Alumni

it's a brazilian drink that is reminiscent of magaritas but way more sophisticated and tasty imo

Gringz profile pic Artist

yes, they are a gift from god

i mean, devil

mezo profile pic Alumni

Is it blended chupacabra parts?
Is it?


That devil's nose is bitching.

mikemills profile pic Alumni

I'll have one - 5$


my fav extra tasty sub so far 5

Gringz profile pic Artist

yes, everyone sells them after the third glass

Gringz profile pic Artist

vikka, that is true, there should be less hare krishnas e more bikini babes

houstonvintage, its a brazilian ( and legal drinking age here is 18, so i guess you can drink it anywhere when you´re 18 too


Mrs. green beans,

I've never seen a profile page with so many blogs
and not one score. To score a design just put your
cursor ( you better not be kidding just to see if
someone would actually respond to your
question ) on the number above the design that
you feel reflects the design's quality, then
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you attempt this.


you've got a thing for big nosed characters ... I love your style

makes sense to me ! 4

plasmanter profile pic Alumni

that´s awesome... caipirinha is great i really like it´s a Brazilian drink.... and i´m from Brazil... \O/


I like it best on the light blue (Pacific Blue?) color. :]

--> Soul

that is so freaking awesome.

it is a weirdly named beverage that i've never heard of, but i am fully sold on the shirt. at first i didn't notice there were color options, but they make me happy b/c that weird tealish blue makes my eyes hurt. i like the beige one i think. the design colors are hard for me to accept otherwise. even so, i will buy and adore.

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