The Delicious Truth Behind Food Drops

Design by cheripoffs

The Delicious Truth Behind Food Drops by cheripoffs on Threadless
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cheripoffs profile pic Artist

technically the perspective is correct, i think the problem is with the gorund. Right now there is nothing defining where the objects are placed. I'll try to fix it with shadows (if people like it and its worth a resubmission).

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

it needs a plane in the distance and an airdrop that hasn't quite made it to earth yet in the background to solidify what you are going for a bit more. The text is actually funny and could be included as well...if only this was actually what we sent over to the 3rd world.

cheripoffs profile pic Artist

Maybe, but its also an ironic comment on the horrific discrepancies between the amount of high quality food available to the world's wealthy compared with whats available to the starving people of Africa and other third world regions.

The Ending

maybe the guys should look dusgusted that such a huge meal just for two people has been sent



nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Realy really nice idea.


I think the perspective looks just fine. The surreality lends to the message. Love the message. Would buy as is but would love to see your refinements, too.

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