The Death of Innocence

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ivejustquitsmoking profile pic Artist

Remember your first time? To think most kids look forward to the first time they'll ever do it -- pictured it like a fancy fairytale sprinkled with mushy giggly stuff, or perhaps the boys were excited to share it to the others as soon as possible -- most first-time sex are more of the awkward, sweaty and uncomfortable things. It even comes to other people as a shock –far, far from what they've thought it would be. Totally caught unawares of what they're getting themselves into.

After that event, whether you beamed a nice after sex glow, felt guilty or just happy it didn't hurt that bad.. remember that first time. Remember that deep inside, admit it or not, you know a part of you died with the experience. The death of innocence upon the meeting of flesh. You crossed the line, there is no going back. That's how the story goes.


Threadless Loves True Stories
No specialty inks or process necessary, 7 or 8 colors (depending on shirt color)

Thanks for the comments! Ask me anything :)


That's cool in a ... hidden way.
Like it takes some looking at to understand.


I like it. At first glance it's just kids but then you notice the people in the background. I think that's the thing wich makes this design so great. And the balloon too...


Memories... hahahaha!


lol @ condom balloon

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Yeah, i was gonna mention the condom balloon!


Is that a dolphin nibbling on the woman's ear..?

ivejustquitsmoking profile pic Artist

Thanks everybody for commenting!!

Jemppa really got it for me.. at first glance it should be the kids and 'balloon' :D

Professor E: it could be a dolphin :) lol

and yes hope this brings back memories


at first I didn't see the back picture and I was confused bit now I really like it.
Great job!


Wow, I think this is really, really great -- it's an awesome portrayal of the subject matter, I think. Aesthetically, I also love how the design flows.


I'd like it a lot on navy blue, except without the greenery in the background.

ivejustquitsmoking profile pic Artist

Hi poohead, where I came we all have the same haircolor, does that make us all secret cousins? :) lol thanks for your comment

ivejustquitsmoking profile pic Artist

One more day! Please drop your comments and vote! Thanks for all the comments, much appreciated :D

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

very subtle

i love subtle

works well - 5

KDLIG profile pic Alumni

LOL! 5

littleclyde profile pic Alumni

Heh, I noticed the balloon right away. Nice linework and flow to this!

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