The day that Disco died...

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The day that Disco died... by Tofu_Rok on Threadless
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bananaphone profile pic Alumni

i dont mind the text, might work better as a whiteish chalk outline though rather than a shadow...


I totally agree with bananaphone. If it was a white chalk outline, it would be mush clearer

theperk profile pic Alumni

i think they mean that white chalk outline when people die on the street. just the outline and no fill maybe. you could probably do that and lose the blood

Tofu_Rok profile pic Artist

Thanks Kevindujour and others who have replied.

The guy in the pic was in shock but anger probably works better, anyway l do one more update however, l might do a whole revision and resubmit.

Frnakly l'm quite embarssed by this now.

Tofu_Rok profile pic Artist

Thanks for the kind words, l understand people are giving me input it irks me that they're right and it could have been so much better for it.


so sad :[ idk whats wrong with these guys, but i love the concept and i love the disco_ 5$


I agree, I thought he was Frankenstein's monster. Not only his head shape, looks so pale.

" Disco should definitely look alot hipper. Not that I like disco but it definitely was not bland." Cassanova_Frankenstein

True. Shouldn't his clothing or hair or something suggest something about disco? Instead he looks like Frankenstein Elvis.

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