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mezo profile pic Alumni

That el alien is muy hilariouso!

BasicShift profile pic Alumni

great concept and perfect execution! $5


sweet! Is that Go-Go?

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

I want to win this date

Rockslide profile pic Artist

Hey Findelmar, I'm totally sorry. I honestly have not even looked at all the subs because I didn't want to be too influenced. I have never seen your sub before your comment right there. If I had, I would not have even thought about doing this.

I apologize for the crossover.


this design is WAY different than F..'s

don't feel bad, it's completely original!

love it!

hogboy profile pic Alumni

Awesome character work as always man.. super skills.


I think this works whether you know about the
hellogoodbye contest or not. If you know about
the contest, then you get even more out of the
shirt than others do.

The only way this might not work is if someone
doesn't know about The Dating Game tv show.

The goth girl's deadpan expression mixed with her
VOGUE posture is funny. And very nice work
thinking outside of the box for depicting an alien,
dinosaur, zombie, and a creature of the night
(vampire). Thumbs up for making the goth girl
look so attractive.


Loving the twist on the theme, great illustration too.


Very, Very Clever. Nice Execution.


Yours is way better than his (sorry dude)

This shits funny as hell !


Great illustration! Not too crazy about the colors (for a shirt).


yeah, this one is so much better

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Hahah! Nice twist. 5


soy mexicano, i´m mexican
and hate the racism


do you have the aliens number?? i wanna call him after you win!


Best sub for this contest I've seen.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

It's not racist, no one said it was an illegal alien.

Ava Adore



i went as farfetched as to think the mexican alien was a men in black reference...


@findelmar: this one is much cooler than yours anyway


HAHAHA well done.


That's fabulous.


I think it works well outside of the contest, as sometimes I feel like the options for dating are pretty limited.
Also, has Mallrats reference.


Ooh, pick #3!


Friggin awesome. You're pretty much a genius, and I love you. Let's get married!


Rockslide profile pic Artist

Okay, first thanks for all the great comments!

Two- this shirt isn't racist. The only people who think that are looking for a fight that isn't there. This is far more offensive to old people and lonely teenage boys.

There is nothing racist about saying someone is an alien. Everyone is an alien to any country other than their native one. I'm an alien to Canada, does that mean a Canadian putting me on a shirt makes them a racist? And then there's the major difference between an alien and an illegal alien. I have been both myself. I lived in Argentina for a couple years. I was an alien there. My visa expired and I was still living there which made me an illegal alien at that point. I got kicked out of the country and had to go to Bolivia. Did I shout "You racists!" as they escorted me across the border? No, because that would have been silly.

So, think whatever you want, but I'd like you to notice that no where is the third contestant given a nationality (sombreros and panchos are not exclusive to any country, I saw plenty in Argentina) and no where is he labeled an illegal alien.


This video game zombie gives you a 5! :D

And I wish people would stop calling sombreros racist.


hahaha, this made me laugh.... a lot.

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