The Cranes Wife

Design by Hamburger

The Cranes Wife by Hamburger on Threadless
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jimmytan profile pic Alumni

很棒~~~! 超nice!


I'm sorry, Jimmy, maybe that was mean but I can't really tell what any part of this is supposed to be. I assume that's a crane because of the title... but the disembodied hand doesn't make sense to me, the colors are horrific-- is the crane crying? Is that what those arbitrary streaks of blue are? I'm not trying to be MEAN, just asking if there was any time spent on this sub at all.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This shirt would be a solid entry in the "Threadless Hates The Good Luck Shirt" contest I'm starting in honor of the worst shirt print ever inflicted on the Threadless masses- all hail Good Luck, the Plan Nine From Outer Space of Threadless!

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