The Crack of John

Design by slaterock

The Crack of John by slaterock on Threadless
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funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

great illustration

tomburns profile pic Alumni

great illustration, probably wouldnt wear as a tshirt, but i would love to have a print or something! 4


I would definitly wear it. Reminds me of the good ol' family vacation.


HAHAHA. this is great.

herky profile pic Alumni

very funny, terrific illustration.

.onion profile pic Alumni

i LOVE that style :]

slaterock profile pic Artist

Thanks stickymike!

jublin profile pic Alumni

haha that's awesome man. what a great drawing! perfect colors too.

my only suggestion would be that the horizon looks a bit bizarre suddenly stopping on a shirt. Along with the clouds it creates sort of an invisible box around the drawing which makes it look a tad awkward on a shirt. Maybe if you raised up the ocean horizon and stretched it out a bit it would become more of a stripe. Sort of like the print Nerd Bird?

or who knows? maybe i don't even know what i'm talking about!

slaterock profile pic Artist

beechcraft, good point. Would've fit with the character as well. jublin, i was struggling with that, but couldn't find an adequate solution. Might play with it a little bit.

Ava Adore

this is an absolutely awesome illustration


:::yawn::: haven't we seen this joke before?

slaterock profile pic Artist

^^ :::please...:::

the czar

Kids expressions are great. Ass not so great.

slaterock profile pic Artist

You guys realize that that peaches design was full of ass. Just sayin...

slaterock profile pic Artist

lemontears.. sorry, i forget that Threadless is all about "classy", I mean, two unicorns doin' it doggystyle is classy as hell, no?


I think Id like it better without the kids
just a fat man on the beach showing some crack

yeah id like that a lot more

slaterock profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone for the comments!


lol this really made me laugh XD i wish this would get printed too, good luck!

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