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The Cookie Caper

Design by jrmasm

The Cookie Caper by jrmasm on Threadless
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jrmasm profile pic Artist

Thanks for viewing, voting and if so inclinded commenting.

Note: Refridgerator art work is used with written permission from the artists.
Thanks to Mr. VonB with the coloring assistance.


lol i bumped up ur score one more then i was going to when i noticed the pictures on the fridge.... lol


this is adorable and if printed it would be three shirts in one. well done!

jrmasm profile pic Artist

yup monkeyIII-"sailing the high trees" by valorandvellum and "nightbirds" by cbuchholz. just a little shout out to 2 of my favorite threadlessers. I was honored that they gave me permission.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

RAWR!!!!! YOU FRUSTRATE ME WITH YOUR WONDERFULLNESS... not really. can't wait to get some of your designs on shirts, though.


It reminds me of my dog.


She's always trying to get into the food.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This is fantastic (and of course i dig the extra lil' awesome shirt design shout-outs), but i would love it even more if the dog was standing on an unbelievable amount of cans, cups, dishes, and other crazy objects to try and balance itself to grab the cookies. As is, it's a solid 3 in my book. Nice work!

PS- You make one hell of a cd cover and hopefully mix when get around to listening to it later this week.


my best friend has a jack russell terrier & that is so accurate! I would buy one for each of her kids.


Very cool - well done mate

Thank god your in the other division for this Battles thing


of course it's the Jack Russel Terrier trying to get the food!

4 for the awesomeness.

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

This is so cute!!! I love the dog jumping up on the left. Also, I'm very honored that you used Sailing The High Trees :-D



nice colors.... I like the loose sketch style.... Its a refreshing change from Your usual stipple effect..... The blue cutout outlines around the dogs give it a nice collage effect. 5$

cbuchholz profile pic Alumni

This is great Jim! The composition is really interesting and I love the loose styling!

Hey people, not only would you get an awesome NEW design, but you would get reprints of nightbirds AND sailing the high trees! For that reason, I give this a 15$

Edword profile pic Alumni

very nice!


i really like this. colors, design, illustration. the moment you've captured is great. we don't need the dog balancing on a bunch of cans or whatever. i like that he's suspended in air, mid-jump. My mind automatically unpauses it and I see him jumping up and down repeatedly, in futile attempt to get on top of the fridge.

Oh, and I hear circus music.

Such an easy 5. I hardly have to think before I vote.


This is great, lovely work, cute idea, I would buy and wear it and hug it and love it ;-)

herky profile pic Alumni

great illustration and colors. love the dog leaping in the air.


Cool idea. I would like it if the design were a bit smaller on the shirt.

artdrops profile pic Alumni

this is great! Print it!

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