The Compulectricoustic™ Guitar

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The Compulectricoustic™ Guitar by Operator on Threadless
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First there was Acoustic. Then there was Electric. In the future there will be the Compulectricoustic™ Guitar, a fusion of Acoustic, Electric, and Computer components for the ultimate in music playability, control, and sound. :-D


I just pre-ordered one!

KDLIG profile pic Alumni

there's already a Guitar Robot from Gibson, i think it's a Les Paul model, still looks ordinary but it tunes itself, you don't need to tune it anymore cuz the guitar does it for you, check it out on Gibson's website =D

Operator profile pic Artist

This guitar is based on the Robot Guitar from Gibson actually... with a few extra features such as memory card slot, wireless network antenna, and of course the touch pad which lets you manipulate the music in a way never before imagined! Notice it has no pegs either, so you couldn't tune it yourself if you tried ;)


not saying you ripped it from anywhere, but it kinda reminds me of a Wii guitar. Probably coz i have never seen one in real life...


that guitar just put a foul taste in my mouth


Looks awfully similar to a Threadless black & white version.

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