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Robsoul profile pic Artist

Through DNA testing and analysis we have trace the roots/ancestry of the Common American Spork. It's basically a sordid tale of bad genes. Go here for a partial CLOSEUP

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni



I think this should be re-subbed, but not as a Seed entry. That would help because I think it's a VERY clever idea! I would definitely wear it, but as far as the Seed idea goes.....


That's so cute. But... isn't genaology normally shown from the top down? With the parents above and the offspring below? It took me a minute to figure out how the spork could have fathered all the other flatware.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

this is REALLY good


(When did sporks and genetics become so popular though?)

Manos profile pic Alumni

Yum yum! $5

mezo profile pic Alumni

Nicely done, friend! Looks great and makes me hungry.

Robsoul profile pic Artist

I saw it set up boths ways when doing the research on this, obviously it seems everyone considers it the opposite setup. Additionally, from a compositional standpoint, it just worked better how I've got it set up above. Flipped looks awkward.

Robsoul profile pic Artist

Yes, this has been done a million times before, but I don't recall it being done like this.

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

Awesome design, Rob! this need to be printed... $6

Robsoul profile pic Artist

Sorry, seems the code for the link is screwed although this image is on gif animation. I'll post a large closeup later today when I have a moment.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Nice work making an actually great spork shirt.

chisafer profile pic Alumni

OMG hey Rob! Great sub! It's been awhile. What's up?

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

HA! This is just too clever. You're getting subtly brilliant in your old age bro!


well done. love the family crests.

Robsoul profile pic Artist


and the alternate setup that everyone seems pretty keen on: ALTERNATE_VERSION
but compositionally, I still prefer the original submission above.


nice take on the recent sporkism outbreak.

Robsoul profile pic Artist

dammit, someone did a spork genetic sub too for this contest! ahhhhhh


Fantastic! This shirt brings together tow of my great loves: cutlery and genetics.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Yeah, I've seen a bunch of spork tees that deal with genelogoy lately, and even some on other sites that take the leap with a simple family photo-ish approach (witness aNerdy Shirt's extremely simple and impressive take on the subject), but i also dig the way you have taken a more scientific approach without losing the fun of this subject. I especially dig how many different pieces of silverware you included to get the right amount of utensil inbreeding for the desired outcome. The tree in the background also adds a nice touch to the proceedings. I also like the fact that it is flipped upwards pointing to your face instead of your crotch. Overall, great stuff and a definite 4$.

Robsoul profile pic Artist

There are actually several ways you can set up a family tree, whether it be horizontal or verticle, flipped or whatever, there is no wrong or right way. I get my information from authoritative sources, look, how could this family tree be wrong - NOT_WRONG :-)


I occasionally work in geneaology and I understand why you flipped it. However, I would prefer if it went the other way, I know a lot of librarian geeks who would dig it.

Robsoul profile pic Artist

Again, it's not upside down because geneaology charts can be formatted in any way the person desires, the only thing I negelcted to do was to provide lineage titles (grandfather, mother, etc), which is rather unnecassary because it's pretty evident already. FAMILY_TREE_AUTHORITY


The alternative version makes more sense to me. Brilliant.


There have already been some submissions on this site with this theme in the past. Also, this seems like a souped-up version of this design from NerdyShirts. I'm not accusing you of copying or anything like that. My only point is that the idea is something that plenty of others have already thought of.

Robsoul profile pic Artist

Yep, it's been done to death like pandas and hearts, TheloniusMnk, but I wanted to give it a whirl with my own take on the subject. No harm in trying.

hogboy profile pic Alumni

hah sweet.... great idea & execution.

herky profile pic Alumni

I like it, especially the intricate details of the silverware, nice interpretation on this concept.

Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

Great stuff Rob! I always wondered where sporks came from. My first encounter with them was at KFC, so I just thought they were an evil invention of the Colonel one day when he was feeling particularly vindictive.

Robsoul profile pic Artist

Actually metalspork13, putting it on the bottom is not conventional, it's just one way to do it. You can do charts horizontally or verticle in any which way. See my link a few comments above.

Thanks for the 5+$ ;-)


this shirt makes my day...thanks

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

finally, a good spork design! I commend you!

Robsoul profile pic Artist

DUDE! It's not upside down, once again, a family tree can be viewed vertically or horizontally in any format - SEE. I chose this format so there wouldn' be a giant arrow pointing at the wearer's crotch.

Anway, I have created a version that now points at one's crotch for your pleasure - ALTERNATE VERSION

Thanks for the feedback and comments so far.


Someone just did this like a week ago.


The flipped version is much better. Makes more obvious sense to people looking at it (clearly, based on the responses here), and it echoes the shape of the tree behind it. And I am a genealogist, so there. ;-)

Robsoul profile pic Artist

Right on litlnemo, I'll take your word on it then, I guess my Donald Duck genealogy chart was incorrect then, gad-zoots! But it's funny, I was looking at a genealogy book last night and everything was horizontal.


Well, it is true that genealogical charts can be done in any direction, really. But this one just seemed to work better with the spork at the bottom.

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