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you don't know many cats, do you? that front and center cat is our Sarah (though a more accurate portrait would be gray with subtle black stripes). She has a lovely round figure with a wonderfully fuzzy tummy. When she walks fast her belly sways left and right. (We think this is because we have actually helped her lose some weight and the extra
skin is floppy. Blame the previous owner for the original problem.)

I agree with adding some variety to the cats. I think fewer would be better too. It's a less is more thing.


Cute kitties, but um, they scare me a bit, ya know, as a group.

heyheyitsme profile pic Artist

Thanks for your comments!


hehe i love it! but the foremost cat looks too big and distracting.


Love it but there needs to be a cat on the top of the seat back. We've got 9 in my house and when they're weaseling for the best chair spot, there's usually one on the seat back. This design reminds me of a rare Steinlen work that's out there, "Apotheosis of Cats."

heyheyitsme profile pic Artist

Oh my!!!!!! I looked up "Apotheosis of Cats" on-line, that is funny. Believe it or not, I was not familiar with this piece any time recently although it is ever so SLIGHTLY in the reserves of my brain that I might have seen it at some point MANY years ago in an art history design was actually inspired initially by a recent news story of a man in Florida who was found to have 300 cats...I was pondering what that might be like and came up with this design...although it is a re-sub of my initial version which I called "Assimilation." That one got dropped, so I decided to just go for the cats only and call it "The Comfy Chair." I think that one kitty on the left is about to work its way up to that seat back you mentioned!!!! Thanks so much everyone for your comments!


This is SO my house. I love it, and I'd buy it :) 5$

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I am not a cat guy at all, so I'll tell you right off the bat this isn't my thing. But, I think the artwork isn't that stunning either. Having all the cats the same color makes it much less interesting to look at. If the title of it wasn't "Comfy Chair", I don't know if I would have figured out what was even going on in this design.

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