The Colour Family

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The Colour Family by elleevee on Threadless
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elleevee profile pic Artist

Cyan slept with Magenta and had Blue, but then Yellow slept with Cyan and had Green. Yellow felt confused and had an affair with Magenta who suspiciously fell pregnant making Red.
Years later Blue slept with Red and made Purple. Then Blue slept with Reds mother Yellow and made Green. Yellow still confused, slept with Red who somehow fell pregnant with Orange.

andyg profile pic Alumni

These characters are great!!!


I love the eyes on the characters

kennybanzai profile pic Alumni

I really like this concept


Yellow gets around! Cute idea.


I dont like how the same yellow turns up two times on the same chart... this should have been stripped one more time to get the colorchart correkt. perhaps it would work better with just the tree colors on top and the tree at the bottom :)


you missed the color green in your colors....
i think that's gonna put you over the top...

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

ahaha I have a design with colour mixin' in the works.
But not with a familytree -- that's awesome!


Nice job getting the last three colors to work.


nice concept but not so great execution

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