The Colorful Awesome Triangle

Design by micheleficeli

The Colorful Awesome Triangle by micheleficeli on Threadless
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Plu Shu

Yes, simple, no meaning, but strangely attractive. 5-o'

Kim Mak
Kim Mak profile pic Alumni

Very clean design, pleasing to the eye. You should've titled it "A Colorful Awesome Triangle" :)


I agree with Plu Shu . . . so simple I wouldnt think I would like it, but I do! Strangely alluring . . . 5 buy

micheleficeli profile pic Artist

Wow! Thanx you all! @Kim Mak: the idea was that "A is for Awesome", but probably I should have written "(A)wesome" in the title...


Fun! Nice colors

courtney pie

polynothing on Mar 16 '10
$5 something's really rad about this design!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Awesome indeed!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I likes it, it says "the beginning of the alphabet is awesome and rainbowish and sorta three dimensional" in style!


i really dig simplistic design so this is a winner for me!

i think brighter colours maybe even fluorescent colours would of really made this pop and add to the title :)



5$ love it!

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