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The Cliche Tattoo Shirt by shantyshawn on Threadless
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I was working on a similar idea, but I like what you did way better than mine.


Agreed with varmouth about the lower back tat

mezo profile pic Alumni

Tramp stamp! I also like to call it an Ass Stache. Funny idea, but I wish the image looked more like tattoo flash. Use more colors and shading styles. Push the art further. 3

shantyshawn profile pic Artist

I am a tattoo artist and we all call it the tramp stamp, or ass hat. Ass stache is funny! I'll have to remember that one. I toyed with alot of different colors, but in the end I decided on a uniform "old school" color scheme, kinda playing up the whole "You picked #44 too?!" feeling.


love the concept. good execution. 10! i mean $5

Band Geek

Oh come on, it's called a tramp stamp. It's not -that- offensive. Just... true.


i have all of them.. in my right hand..


i have all of them.. in my right hand..

abeadle profile pic Alumni



leave it as tramp stamp... it's so true.


great stuff! 5$


Tramp stamps are called ass antlers (Arschgeweih) in German...


lol @ anyone offended by "tramp stamp"


don't forget the popeye anchor!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Where's "mom"? lol. I like the idea, but i'd like this more on a poster than a tee. Funny idea tho, and I love that you included the tramp stamp, which is the name it is known as in every state i have traveled and talked about it.

My friend and i thought it would be funny if a girl got a tramp stamp that said either "you like hittin' that shit, dontcha?" or the ever more terrifying "Guess what? I have an STD!" which the dude would see half-way through the love-making session. ironic tramp stamps would be better than the real things at least!

shantyshawn profile pic Artist

Shame! Mom is never cliche! Well, maybe Britney Spears is.


tramp stamp. ha, I love it.


Anyone who finds "tramp stamp" offensive, probably has one.

I love this. 5!


$5 just because it says "tramp stamp"!


Absolutely love it. $5 for sure


Great idea and nicely done


I haven't heard it called a tramp stamp before, but I wouldn't wear a shirt that calls everyone with that tat a tramp. Plus I'm thinking of getting one myself - does that make me a tramp?


Plus I'm thinking of getting one myself - does that make me a tramp?



why not put the tattoos on their respective places? like wings of the back, barbed wire around the arm, kanji on the back shoulder...


Yeah, you're missing poorly drawn representations of cartoon characters. If I see another messed up Tazmanian Devil, I swear I'm gonna go nuts.


this will save people some serious money on cliche tattoos, nice job. And very funny! (tramp

I dont wear t-shirts

I would keep the top two lines of text and delete the labels. Funny.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I just like that 90 percent of the comments on this post mention the "tramp stamp". So, here's another one for the pile!


Swallows on the neck I always associate with prison time. Same as tears from the eye to represent a tear for every year inside. I like this sub because it raises that whole thing of " if you want to mark yourself for life then @ least be bloody original about it". Good work but I agree with frick that it's more of a poster design.


I think calling it "The Lower Back Tramp Stamp" is redundant. By definition, a tramp stamp is on the lower back, so I think "The Tramp Stamp" is sufficient. And P.S., I have one and I don't think it's an offensive term. Just funny.


thank you thank you thank you for putting the "your name anywhere" tattoo haha

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