The Champ's Long Day

Design by starr226

The Champ's Long Day by starr226 on Threadless
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I'd like to see that robot try to eat that big corn chip.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

It's like the sci-fi nerd version of the movie "Diggstown"! Tell the manager of the Champ to put a laxative in the gorilla's drink to knock him down quick and to watch the poo hit the fan (among everywhere else)! This would almost seem like a better concpet if you drew it three dimensional, having the Champ near the bottom-center of the tee, and all the opponents to the Champ's undeafeatedness would flank upwards and out, like a bowling pin set. I think it would be more powerful, but i like your concept and the drawing as is too.

herky profile pic Alumni

great characters


At first I thought everyone was focusing on beating down the nina. He seems to be posed to try to take on everyone. Maybe the the ninja needs to be focusing on The Champ more. -- I love MooseDinner's comment.


thanks for the great advice - knowing is half the battle ! :D

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

starr this is easily my fav of yours .. everything about it is great

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