the bite of infinite possibility’s

Design by i carnt spel

the bite of infinite possibility’s by i carnt spel on Threadless
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whoa. it kinda blows your mind. awesome.


I see the price is pi.
I see a pie.
I see pi symbols in the top of the pie.
I see a window in the top of the pie crust
( where some put pies to cool them off ).

What is the stuff in the upper left corner?
Is it the silhouette of bunny ears and
a bird's-eye-view of a cooking pot?


The math major in me loves t-shirts like this!!


mmm, pi...

it's a great shirt, except that the window in the pie crust half-looks like the Windows logo.

other than that, very cool!


okay, i had to look at it like 5 times, but it's part of a fork, a knife, and a coffee cup in the upper left, right?
it still makes me confused. but i like the rest of the design!! just the perspective with the flower and everything is a lot to take in. i'd buy it for my math major friend and maybe me.


I really really like this
tidy it up a bit though and Id buy it


I think you'd be better off with just the pie, maybe a window sill or something if you make it clearer, and maybe give the pi(e) a bottom. But I must say, this is incredibly creative, and I really love just have to push it a little farther for it to work.



incorrect use of 's makes hulk so angry...

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